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APT: Solution, Service, Sustainability, and Satisfaction.

  • Deep Assessment of Client’s situation, needs and ultimate goal
  • Detailed Review and Evaluation of all relevant circumstances (functionality, facilities and infrastructure, budgetary constraints, revenue impact, market/brand implications, regulatory guidelines, etc.)
  • Build highly customized, Blended Solution to meet the needs on an ongoing basis
  • Bring expert, continuous Consultation
  • Technologies and Product: Cutting-edge air and surface purification technologies:
    • Ozonation
    • Electrostatic Spraying (application of optimum solvent applicable to circumstance)
    • Hydroxyl / UV generators (HVAC and free-standing)
    • Ionization and advanced HEPA fltering systems (HVAC and free-standing)
    • Monitoring systems for real-time air quality reports
    • Entry-point testing and monitoring systems
    • Ancillary systems for purification technology applications
  • Technicians & Labor
    • Installation, management, maintenance and training of systems
    • High touch point surface wipe downs
    • Crisis Management
    • Biohazard Remediation and Restoration
  • Education, Training and Communication
  • Consultation
    • Ongoing service as fractional Purification Expert
    • Periodic monitoring, reviews and on-demand consultation
    • Regulatory compliance oversight
    • Advisory consultation for crisis management, pathogen safety protocol, market/brand communications, technology upgrades, state of industry news
    • Oversight of third-party purification proposals
  • Monitoring of air and surface quality
  • Product maintenance and support
  • Summary reports for Client communication needs
  • Crisis Management
  • On-Call Consultation
  • Ongoing Research and Development into latest purification technologies
  • C.A.S.P.E.R. Certification
  • Long-Term Consultancy Relationship
  • Upgrade recommendations from APT R&D
  • Continual monitoring, review and assessment of APT Solutions in conjunction with client’s needs, goals and expectations

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