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Advanced Puritech Services

Ozone Purification

Destroys viruses by attacking the nucleus which damages RNA production. After destroying the particles, ozone dissipates and leaves breathable oxygen as the only by-product.


  1. Converts O2 to O3
  2. Is an active form of oxygen
  3. Naturally occurring substance
  4. Destroys viruses in the air and on surfaces

Hydroxyl Generators

Provides ongoing purified airflow through UV and plasma-based conversion technologies. Removes odors and disinfects bacteria and viruses without ozone, sprays or disinfectants.


  1. Converts contaminates to CO2
  2. Naturally occurring molecules
  3. Can be operated while space is occupied
  4. May be accompanied by HVAC cleaning

ULV Fogging/Spraying

Disperses electrostatically charged particles using antimicrobial or probiotic solutions which provide direct and more consistent coverage.


  1. Uniform application
  2. Uses EPA approved and registered disinfectants
  3. Efficient and reaches small spaces
  4. Ideal for commercial application

Electrostatic Spraying

Atomizes your choice of disinfectant solution to optimize the coverage area which allows us to treat large common areas.


  1. Electrostatically charged chemical application
  2. Efficient chemical application
  3. Applies chemical in a more controlled manner
  4. Effective coating leads to longer dwell time

Advanced Cleaning Services

APT uses specialized solutions for handling specific circumstances and requirements. Examples:

  1. High Touch-Point Cleaning: Specific surface area cleaning services performed by certified technicians.
  2. Air Duct Cleaning: HVAC cleaning and purification services.
  3. Advanced Janitorial: Ongoing janitorial Services with specific focus and cleaning solutions catered to purification plan.

Air Monitoring

APT’s on-going air monitoring is a planned, long-term assessment of pollutant levels by measuring the quantity and types of certain pollutants in the surrounding, indoor air.

Air Testing

APT Air Testing is a process of collected air particles or microorganisms that have been captured for sample then taken to a laboratory for a full downstream analysis. These tests identify specific viruses and mold pathogens as well as pollutants. Our Air Testing procedures are designed for exact detections.

Consultation Services

APT provides client consultation services on all matters pertaining to air and surface purification problems, solutions and current technologies.