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About Advanced Puritech

Advanced PuriTech, LLC. (“APT”) brings cutting-edge purification technologies, systems and expertise to the commercial and residential marketplaces. We offer optimum state-of-the-art pathogen and biohazard purification systems to meet our client’s unique needs and circumstance. Whether preventive, remedial or restorative in nature, APT brings unparalleled service, experience and efficiency to ensure complete air and surface purity. As the world seeks wellness, APT is bringing the solutions.

Custom Solutions

Applying our innovative service, sales and leasing programs, our Trained Technicians will assess each unique circumstance and customize a cost-effective, ongoing solution that provides and maintains a pure air and surface environment to meet each specific need.

Superior Service

Using the top purification and wellness technologies/ systems created, APT engages an extraordinary team of certified and knowledgeable technicians to implement and support the call. Our customers enjoy lifelong service at a level of excellence that is unrivaled in the marketplace and that exceeds all expectations.

CASPER Certification

Upon implementation of a full air and surface purification plan, a facility is then certified. These proactive measures allow employees, customers, students, and visitors to have peace of mind knowing they’re entering an environment with an ongoing pathogen protection program.