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ADVANCED PURITECH (“APT”) brings cutting-edge purification technologies, systems and expertise to the commercial and residential marketplaces. We offer purification and decontamination systems to meet our client’s unique needs and circumstance. Whether preventive, remedial or restorative in nature, APT brings unparalleled service, experience and efficiency to ensure complete air and surface purity. As the world seeks wellness, APT is bringing the solutions.

Solutions. Service. Certification.

Cutting edge, customized solutions supported by expert service technicians produces absolute purification. Our coveted “CASPER” Certification Program is our ongoing affirmation of pathogen-free wellness and security to our clients, their team, and those they serve.

APT Clean Certification
Advanced PuriTech solutions include:
  • Ozone Purification
  • Hydroxyl Generator
  • ULV Fogging/Spraying
  • Electrostatic Spraying
  • Ionization Filtering Systems
  • Air Quality Monitoring Systems
  • Advanced Cleaning Sales and Services
  • Emergency Disinfecting Services
  • Consultation Services







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